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Keep Moving Forward

From Scott McFall, Founder of Master Hypnotist Society

Did you know that when you take an action to do a new job, move somewhere, deal with new people.... you forget the routine you were doing in your head in the last place you happened to be in life. Then, the nervous system under stress has an illusion that going backward will be better because of the delusion of familiarity. ( You will literally emotionally forget what was wrong with the past situation) The nervous system thinks the awareness of what is going on is better than the temporary confusion of adjustment. If the person is a worrier and uses motivation only away from pain most of the time, they get stuck back and forth between those decisions. Keep in mind that there are no real paradox situations in life, there is always a third choice that moves on a different line that just forward or backward. This issue is rough when the person is also not encouraged by extra options but rather overwhelmed.

  1. Keep moving forward in life or it is easy to become a perceptual prisoner, then actually rationalizing a whole lot of falsehoods to justify refusing forward movement. (Think of it like watching only one movie)

  2. Don't process only in your head or you will make up a huge percentage of what you are thinking instead of reacting to your real opportunities.

  3. Do everything in your power to remember the real reasons you wanted to move forward in the first place before you got scared, worried, covid changed the universe or whatever.

  4. Ask yourself what you really want to chase... Be general enough that there are several ways to get it.

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