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When Things Don't Work Out

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Another amazing piece of wisdom from my teacher, Scott McFall (the Founder of the Master Hypnotist Society). It really resonated with me and I hope it inspires or helps someone else.

"Are you angry or sad because something didn't work out the way you wanted it? Are you refusing to enjoy all the fun, joy and excitement around you because things change and what you expected turns out to be different?

The suggestion is you let go of your old evidence that you were looking for... look around, shake it off. (There are other cool people. It doesn't do anything for you or anyone to feel loss thinking of who isn't there anymore, really... and the new people thing is where you get to use what you've learned), discover new ways of being and get on with wonder, joy... Look, even if you feel like you were the disappointment to yourself... so what.

You can make today and every other day closer and closer to the way that feels like you- like you. Besides, you did the best you could with the adaptations you had at the time... stop thinking 'I knew better.' Like and and accept you and be happy... Like and accept the changing world- chase your future no matter what... Be happy or, you will send yourself to your room without dessert emotionally and who wants that."

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