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My time here has been a pleasure. I have lost weight and inches and got back my confidence. I wish I had done this long ago, but I'm not looking back anymore - only forward.

Susan Allen

Not only did I quit smoking immediately after my first session - I have been in a much better mood and state of mind with positive thinking. I would highly recommend hypnosis to anyone who may need it on many different levels.

Kara Clark

I am pleasantly surprised with the ease. I have always put others needs before my own with friends and family and active volunteering. Now I put myself first. I truly enjoy the sessions and I'm down 12 pounds in one month.

Marlene McMillen

So far I have lost 12 pounds and 12 inches! I'm wearing clothes from 3 years ago that were too small. I've permanently changed my eating habits with hypnosis and reduced stress.

Ellen Grayson

I lost 40 pounds and I'm still losing. I no longer measure my days by what I'm going to eat. When I'm having hunger pangs, I now stop to think whether I need to feed my soul and sitit, instead of my stomach.

Rosalee Gooley

I've lost 43 pounds in 6 weeks. It's absolutely amazing what hypnosis has helped me accomplish.

Craig Haines

My program gave me what I really needed: a change in mind-set, daily support and energy level.

Mary Herbert

51 pounds gone! I feel like a new person.

Sarah Evans

I don't even think about smoking anymore. I feel so much better. I can now breathe. And without the cost of cigarettes, I am finally able to afford to take a family vacation.

Jessie Brown

I whole-heartedly endorse the process of hypnosis to address my issues related to disrupted sleep. I have a positive outlook on the future.

Kevin Sweder

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